Fun Learning Chinese for Children

Youdao Dictionary Pen: Comparison of 2.0 vs 3.0 vs Pro Version for Chinese-English

Comparing the differences between the four key models of the portable 有道 Youdao Dictionary pen (Version 2.0, Version 3.0, Pro version, and International Version) , which can all translate from simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and English, from individual words to entire sentences.

App comparison: Wukong Literacy (悟空识字) versus iHuman (洪恩识字) for learning Chinese characters

Our favourite Chinese literacy apps are iHuman Hong En Literacy (洪恩识字) and Wukong Literacy (悟空数学).  Both of these apps are designed for children who have a sound spoken understanding of Mandarin, and are starting to learn characters/words in Simplified Chinese form.   This review compares the key differences between these two apps.   Note: The entireContinue reading “App comparison: Wukong Literacy (悟空识字) versus iHuman (洪恩识字) for learning Chinese characters”

My bilingual parenting mistakes, and resolutions for 2021

(above graphic is modified list from Bilingual Kidspot) As the year draws to an end, it marks my one-year anniversary of blogging.  In an otherwise-really-bizarre-year for the whole planet, it’s been a haven to be able to write and learn together with so many amazing parents trying to do the Chinese-English bilingual parenting gig, includingContinue reading “My bilingual parenting mistakes, and resolutions for 2021”

Review of Luka Mini vs Original Luka Reading Companion

Luka Mini is a simpler version of the Original Luka Reading Companion, and it stacks up well against its forebears. 

It’s a great entry-level reading robot for toddlers / very young children, as it has reduced functionality and optionality, but the same ability to read physical picture books with high audio quality. 

This post is a detailed review and comparison of Luka Mini against the Original Luka and Luka Hero.

The truth of raising bilingual children by two mums

Maggie and I met online. After chatting, we couldn’t help but realise how similar we are, yet so different when it comes to raising bilingual children. We’re like role reversals – an Aussie mum in Asia (that’s me) and a Chinese mum (Maggie) in Australia, each is doing the same thing – raising bilingual girls and blogging about it. Read more…..


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How do you encourage a child to love Chinese when you don’t speak it?

Most of my blogging is on the topic of learning Chinese in Singapore, and how my children have become fully literate and fluent (for their age) in the language, despite it not being spoken by either parent. If you’re in Singapore, it’s a great opportunity for your family.

Here are some of my most popular posts!

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