A warm welcome to my blog.

This is mainly a space with resources for families in Singapore, with preschool and primary schoolers, who want their children to be bilingual in Chinese; it’s especially written for families where English is the dominant or only home language (as it is with ours).

There’s no Instagram, no affiliations, nothing fancy here. Just some simple reviews of what we’ve enjoyed as a family. Perhaps I’m a dinosaur, but I wanted to fill the gap for those who are also fellow dinosaurs, and struggling to keep up with the children’s Chinese, or interested in home learning options. This blog shares the best options, books, and resources we’ve discovered which are available in Singapore

I’m trying to do things a little differently – to create resilient, creative and caring kids, in a local school system which focuses on academics; to create true bilingual children, despite parents not speaking any Mandarin; and to create children with a love of the outdoors and nature, in an urban setting. Most importantly, I want to rear God-fearing children who bear fruit for God and abide in Jesus.

All reviews are based on our family’s honest personal experience. I’m not affiliated with any businesses, and I’m not trying to sell anything, nor do I earn anything from this blog. I just want to help. And if it helps you, I’m overjoyed.

Thank for landing here and journeying with me. 

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